Thursday, May 31, 2007

June 2007 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Great news, we are starting a every Saturday ride. We will do
the Family Ride as usual, but we are going to try to ride every
Sat. also. The month of June the rides will be at Fires Creek.
Sat. The 2nd will be the ATHA ride up at Bristol Horse Camp,
and it is the trail trotters day to clean up the camp ground and as
we ride that day we will pick up along the trail. So please plan
to come out. The rides for June will meet at Hunters camp at
10am and then we will either ride there or go up to Bristol Horse camp, other then June 2nd.

We are still planning a fun show for Sept. So we need to start
to work with our horses to get them ready.

We have had our share of illness and loss, and I hope you keep
our members in your prayers, as they truly need and want out
help. Susan Martin broke her back and is out of riding for
awhile and she had to put down her sweet "Sunny" too. So make
sure you let her know you are thinking about her. Darrell and
Janet spend more time driving to Gainsville to doctors visits.
The list goes on, for those I did not mention, know we care. This
is a great club, with lots of loving, caring, friends.

Pat Mattox, Tracey Nicholson, Gwen Christian, and myself,
went to the NCHC Ride May 18- 20 in Fergenson, NC. We rode
some great trails and met some new friends. On Sun. The
NCHC had a Extreme Trail Challenge. All the girls rode in it
and Pat rode her horse and Prissy for me. I think they all did
great, it was a very hard lay out. Pat won 2nd on Folly and 4th on
Prissy. I was a judge so I could not ride. I was so proud of the
show we had from TCEA. The girls really showed true grit for
trying. Please remember the next meeting on June 14th. At the bank.

Pat Mattox has a pair of riding boots and a nice black cowboy
hat for sale. She will bring them to the next meeting for you to see, or call her for details. 837-8681

Happy Trails, Esther

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday, May 03, 2007

May 2007 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

What a great speaker we had at our last meeting. I hope we can

have some more speakers. Anyone have any ideas let me know!

I will have some letters ready soon to send out that everyone can

send to the people that we hope will help us save Fires Creek. You

can change it around or leave it the same, but please take a stand

in this matter as Fires Creek is special and we need to save it.

We lost another great horse, Wendy Spiva had to put down her

Lacy. It was a hard thing to do, but it was time. Our love goes out

to you Wendy!

May the 12th is our Family Ride. It will be up at Standing

Indian, some people are camping that weekend too. Please call

Randall Parker for more details.

May 10th is our club meeting, we are going to talk about our

Christmas Party, our summer Family cook out, and having a fun

show this fall so please try to come.I hope to have the new phone

lists at the next meeting!

If you want to ride in the ATHA Ride in June 2 & 3rd let me

know. The ride cost is $30.00. You get a tee shirt and Sat. Night

we will have a hot dog roast and pot luck dinner with

entertainment. You can come for the day or camp out for the

weekend. The money we earn goes to our club in hopes to send a

youth to horse camp this year. You do not have to be a member to

come to this ride. Let your friends know!

What a wonderful sitght it was to see our Donna on a horse again,

there was lots of crying, then the BIG smile came and off she

went. Once a cowgirl, always a cowgirl. You go girl!!!

Lawrence Beal will soon be ready to start the County Mounties,

so if your still interested give him a call.

We need to keep Darrell in our prayers, his back is not too good

right now, and we miss him so much out on the trail. I know in my

heart he will be back in the saddle with us again.

Keep the faith!!

Happy Trails,