Sunday, July 31, 2005

August 2005 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I don't know where the summer has gone. We had a good meeting. Had some new people join the club, that is so great!

Our speaker had to go to Florida to help with the hurricane clean up, but will be at our next meeting August 11th. Please try to attend.

We planned to have a yard sale on August the 27th. Let's all collect our saleable items. Horse stuff went real fast last year, so keep that in mind. Also it was suggested to have a silence auction on donated items that were worth more money. The planned place for the sale is Mountain Valley Country Store parking lot. So try to get some donated gifts from local businesses. Lets make this years sale better then last year. We will be looking for helpers!!!
We are looking to do the Fun Show in the month of October. It will be cooler and we are still trying to find a place to have it. We sent Rose Goyette to horse camp this year and I hope you all got to read the article in the paper that Rose wrote. I think she had a good time and learned a few things. They had another week long camp and Rose got to help out a few days. It is great to see our young members so happy to just be around horses. Good job Rose!

Please remember to attend the next meeting:
AUGUST 11th. At the bank at 7 pm, see you there!

Happy Trails, Esther

Friday, July 01, 2005

July 2005 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Here we are again. Lots of things going on this past month. All the local horse shows are getting off to a good start. I was able to get our two young ladies to the show in Blairsville this past weekend. It was the first for Joyanna and Rose has been in a couple. They did very good with such short notice. Both girls won a ribbon. It was a fun day and I'm sure Joyanna's Mom is glad it is over. It is very hard on the parents. The weather had us thinking the show would be cancelled, but it turned out to be a good day. Congratulation to Joyanna and Rose!!

As you all must know the Family ride was off due to rain, rain, rain!

We had a great meeting at Chip's place. We even got free pizza and had a lot of fun with two speakers. The First was from Farnham and he talked about the new line of horse feeds. Then offered all the club members a double coupon off the new feed. We all got this very good feed for $2.99 a bag. What a deal! He was the one that bought the pizza too. The other man was from Resman, Pro-Choice . He gave out free tee shirts and answered all our question, about saddle fitting, where the saddle should set, about bits. Blankets, and many more interesting things. It was a wonderful night, and we all got to have our own private browsing in Chips Store, which if you have not been in there yet you better go see, it is a work of art.

Our next meeting is July 14th at the bank at 7 pm. This is very important for you to come, our speaker is Sally Brown from the Standing Indian Camping area, I'm sorry I don't know the Forest stations name. She will be looking at us to help keep trails and horse camp clean and most important OPEN. So please try to attend, we need to let them know we want those trails left open to the equine riders. Mark your calender now---
JULY 14th 7pm at the bank.