Sunday, December 31, 2006

January 2007 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Wow, what a great club this is. We have had
such a good year. Our club has grown so
much.Thank you all for a wonderful year. I have
to say it is great to see so many of you getting
involved with the club. With your help we can plan
a year of fun things to do.

Our first meeting for 2007 is on Jan. 11th at the
bank in Hayesville, starting at 7 pm.

St.Jude has called me about another ride for this
year, I want you to be thinking about this as we will
vote as to whether we do this. Also ATHA has
asked me to do an offical ATHA Ride.They are in
with RFD-TV and will have their rides listed on there.
This is a good way to meet other riders and learn more
about Trail Riding. I hope you all will think about coming
to this ride. Barbara & Charlie Kissling and Donna have
offered to help me with this adventure so it should be a
great weekend. I will be letting everyone know more as
we pick a date and place.

A BIG thank you to Barbara Crose for all her hard work
and time in decorating our Christmas Party Room and
the oranges.Phil was a great help, too.

I ask that we all keep Wendy Spiva and family in our
prayers.Gene, her husband, has been very ill and they
need our thoughts and prayers. Also, Wendy will have
to let her lovely, sweet horse Lacy, go soon because her
legs have given out on her and the pain is just too bad. We
feel for you Wendy,as we know how hard it is. I'm sure it
would help to send Wendy a card:

Wendy Spiva
PO Box 1038
Hiawassee, Ga. 30546

Lawrence Beal is having a County Mounties meeting
Jan. 10, at 7:30 pm at Moss Library in Hayesville, if
you are interested, please come.

Hoping we all have a GREAT NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Happy Trails,