Thursday, December 29, 2005

January 2006 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year to you All!

Wow we made it to another year.Thank you to all members for making this past year so great. We had a good time joining the Trail Trotters Program with the ELCR's mission to preserve our trails.

This year we are working with the Forest Service at Fires Creek to put up tie ups at Hunters camp. The stream is in danger of being polluted by horses being tied too close to the stream. Hunters camp is a great close place to camp and we need to make sure it is there for us, so please become a part of this effort to save Hunters Camp. Sigh up at the meeting to volunteer as we will be starting this project very soon to be finished by National Trail Trotter Day on June 3rd 2006.

Also, please mark your calenders for the St. Jude Ride. It will be April 2nd, 2006. This is for a very good cause, to help kids with cancer, so plan to attend and be thinking of all the sponsors you can get. We will be planning this ride at our meetings, so if you can't attend please give me a call or Donna Gains for information about this important ride. I hope our club will make this event become a great success.

We had a wonderful, great, party. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. A big THANK YOU!! To Barbara Carouse for decorating all the tables and walls. When we got there, there were No decoration. Barbara worked hard and made the room beautiful! Thank you again Barbara!!

Also I would like to say many, many thanks to you all for the gift and LOVE you gave me that night. Your kindness to me was overwhelming. I love this club and hope to serve it to the best of my abilities I have made so many dear friends though my horses and this club, I'm truly blessed!


January 2006 "Chat Page"

Linda Harrison is retiring from the Macon County Health Department with 30 years of dedicated service. Congratulations Linda for a job well done. I hope this means you can ride and camp more!!

Congratulations go out to Rose Goyette. She got a horse for Christmas! No words could express the look in her eyes. May she have many happy trails!!

We are putting together a camping trip for February. We are looking into Hard Labor Camp ground in Ga. Near Athens. They have 20 miles of trails and a nice Equine camp area with stalls.If you are interested give me a call and let me know. Darrell and Janet Adam's can give you information too.

Our next meeting is Jan. 12th at the bank in Hayesville. Starting at 7 pm. Hope you can come! Jan. is the time of the year we all need to pay our club dues. If you joined in Oct.,Nov., or Dec.. You are good for 2006. Let's try to remember to send your dues in as it helps pay for this newsletter and mailings. You can mail to Donna Gains 486 Double Knobs Drive Hayesville, NC 28904 or pay at the next meeting. Thanks!

I have been unable to get up with the guy about the tee shirts. I will get someone to look into getting them here local and the prices. Hopefully we will have some news about this at the next meeting.

We are going to drop the first web site the club has. It is the (geocites)one. It cost $5.00 a month which I have paid. The blog that Bob Harrison made us is so much nicer and it is free, so please start checking the blog site from now on

I hope everyone made a New Years resolution to be a better horseman, to always look for better ways to care for our horses and understand that they are our partners in this wonderful adventure we share with them.

Arnold Monkus has hay for sale and he will deliver. Call (828) 389-4491 evenings or (828) 739-3077 day time.

Lois Tomas is helping with the newsletter and chat page. You can call her at work at (828) 389-8431 or home (828) 389-0081. We need more input for this newsletter. Also we can put an ad in here if you are selling something. If you have a good story to tell, please let us know. Because our web site is linked with others this chat page is read by lots of people. So get involved. Write a story about a trip you took, or a great ride you had. If you read a good story you want to share or some good health tips, let us know!Thanks.

You can leave a comment at any time by clicking on the underline where it (usually) says "0 comments. " It is a great way to communicate back and forth among club members. The comments were getting spammed so I turned on some verification stuff. If you have any problems, you can call me at (828) 524-6950 or email me at --Bob

Friday, December 02, 2005

December Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Here it is the end of another year, wow! If you missed the last meeting, I will tell you that all the old officers were re-elected back into office.

Hope we have a good year in 2006 too!

We are still looking at doing a clinic next year. We need your input on this, so please be thinking of something the club might like to do. We did vote to have a St. Jude Ride on April 2nd. I will tell you all about it at the Jan. Meeting. But do mark your calendars for April 2nd. All proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Also we will talk about a big project we, as a club, will be doing at Fires Creek for the Trail Trotters program. We have a lot of things to do next year so everyone please try to come to the meetings. DON'T forget the Christmas Party is Thursday December 8 starting at 6 pm. At the bank!!!!!! Bring a gift, unwrapped, for a child. We will be giving away lots of neat gifts and eating some GOOD food.. Come join the club as we ring in the Holiday Season.

We are camping at Watson Mill on the 9th and 10th of December. Our last camp out for this year. It's not too far to come for a day ride also!!

The club sends our deepest sympathy to Melinda D'Agrosa in the loss of her Husband. Our hearts and prayers go out to you Melinda at this very sad time.

We need to set up our family rides in advance so that people can plan ahead. If you want to be a trail boss and have a trail we all can ride, sign up for a month. This way we all can plan to attend.

The young lady, Britney, we gave money to for the rodeo sent me a card. She earned over $2,000.00 for a scholarship fund at Hayesville High School. Good Job!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Don't Eat Horses!


By John Hanchette | Niagara Falls Reporter | 11.15.05

OLEAN -- Just before last weekend President George W. Bush signed without fanfare a $100 billion agricultural spending bill that contained many routine expenditures, but hid buried within a raging and painful controversy which can only grow in our American culture.

It is the incredibly widespread slaughter of horses for human consumption.

In the United States, we tend to look upon horses as unique creatures -- more as heroic companions than dumb draft animals or beasts of burden -- that helped us attain our 'manifest destiny' and national success.

The Pony Express. Mustangs. Cowboys. The Old West. Cattle drives. John Wayne. Faithful travelers. Willing conveyances. Friends of farmers and ranchers. Life savers, really. In some states, as recently as little more than a century ago, you could be hung for just stealing one.

When I explained to some of my college students that more than 65,000 horses are slaughtered each year in this supposedly humane nation of ours and shipped overseas so well-off Europeans and Japanese can eat them, the information produced disbelief. The students were offended and astounded, and a few driven to tears.

Mainly in France, Belgium and Japan -- but also in Holland, Italy, Switzerland and a few other countries that routinely look down their national noses at Americans as culturally crude barbarians -- diners who consider themselves sophisticated are paying the equivalent of $15 "

There's more in an email circulating around. If you would like a copy, contact Esther or Linda Harrison.

New Horse Channel on TV!

In case you haven't heard there is a new TV channel that launched last week called HorseTV. Please email your TV provider and request it. You can email to Dish on their web site and DirectTV on its web site.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Right To Ride Legislation

"Right To Ride Legislation AQHA ONLINE - The American Quarter Horse Association -- Legislative Alerts and Updates: 'Action AlertEncourage Your Congressmen to CoSponsor Right to Ride Legislation'Right to Ride' legislation has now been introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. This legislation is intended to preserve the access of horses and pack stock to public lands where there is a historical tradition of such use. These bills will help recreational horsemen in the battle against the closure of trails for equine use on public lands.Specifically, the legislation mandates that the lands should be managed by federal agencies 'to preserve and facilitate the continued use and access of pack and saddle stock animals on such lands where there is a historical tradition of such use.'

This legislation would apply to federal lands managed by the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service. Legislation Representative George Radanovich (R-CA) introduced his bill, H.R. 586, in the House of Representatives on March 15 and Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) introduced an identical bill in the Senate, S. 781, on April 14.

Co-Sponsors of the legislation are needed in both the House and Senate to assist in the passage of these bills."

You can read the bill here:

Monday, October 31, 2005

November Newsletter


Club Web Site:

Hello Everyone,

I sure hope you all are out there riding in this beautiful
weather. We camped at Watson Mill the first of the month and
had a great time. We took up over half the camp ground. Martha
Scissom brought her new horse, and he is a great trail horse.
Good luck with him! We had some ladies from Clayton, Ga..
join us with Linda Harrison, it was just a good time.

We voted to keep our same officers, so we will have to vote
them in at the November meeting as stated in our Bi-Laws. So
please try to come.

We will be planning our Christmas Party this meeting, so try
to attend. We all had a great time last year and this one will be
fun too. So if you can not make the meeting please call me to
see what kind of food to bring. We can talk about doing a gift
for a child to donate again.

We are looking into having a clinic early next year for our
club. Bring your ideas!

Our family ride will be decided at the meeting. With hunting
season it is hard to find a safe place, bring some ideas for that

It is with the greatest sadness to say we lost another great
horse. "Ben" belonging to Betty Weir has gone to run with the
free spirits. He was a noble steed, and loved by many. We will
all miss him, so long ""Benskee"""

We need people to help set up the family rides. If we plan
ahead then maybe more people can made plans to go.
Rose Goyette had a two day saddle cleaning event to raise
money for the rescue of horses from the hurricane disaster.
She worked very hard and will let us know how she did. Rose
thought of this herself, how nice to see her love of horses.
Thanks Rose!!!


November 2005 "Chat Page"

Next Meeting Is Nov. 10th. At The Bank In Hayesville.

Hay For Sale : Call Arnold Monkus At 389-4491 Or
Cell (828) 7363077.

For Sale : 4yr. Old Gelding Sorrel With White Blaze.
Call Joyce Robinson (706) 897-5965

Christmas Party Is December 8th. Please Plan To Attend.

Get Your Tree Savers From Betty Weir!!

For Sale: 1.Reg. Saddle Bred 10 Yrs. Old Mare.$1,500.00

2.2000 Mare To Above Horse, Not Reg. $1,00.00. 3.Arab, Not Reg. 10 Yrs. Old $1,00.00. Or All Three For $2,500.00 Call Kim Moore Work 837-7656 Or Cell 360-5634.

Jill And Joyanna Mathenia Have Moved To Their New
Home In Tenn. They Will Be Able To Keep Their Horses
At Home On Their New Farm. We Wish Them All The
Happiness And Safe Trails! You Will Be Missed!

We Do Have A New Sponsor, So Please Check Out Your
Sponsor Page. Thunderstruck Studio & Shop. Take A
Look At The Web Site.

The Recipe For The Pumkin Cake Will Be At The Meeting. So If You Want A Copy, You Better Come!

October Newsletter

Hello Everyone, Welcome Fall!!! My favorite time of the year. I'm sorry I missed the last meeting, but Chip did real good. Betty and I went to the animal shelter and found out that no animals were being brought to this area, so we did not give them the check. We will vote on a better answer to our wishes to help animal rescue from hurricane Kathrina. The ASPCA has a great web site with lots of pictures and a list of people that are there needing our help. We will vote on a place to send money to help.

Our next meeting is our selecting of new officers. Please come and help our club continue to grow. We need all your help to make this club work. Think of the officers you want to elect. The meeting is Oct.13th at the bank, at 7 pm.

The family ride is at Watson Mill Bridge State Park, in Comer Ga. It is a nice one day trail ride or camp the weekend. It is no further then Deep Creek in Bryson City. From Hayesville it is a 2:20 minute drive. If you plan to come I will be glad to give you directions. If you have never ridden here please try to come, it is one of the best trail riding ever.

We had a great turn out for the last family ride, 15 riders. We did the Leather Wood jeep loop again. We also cleaned up the camping area and hauled off two bags of garbage. Thanks, riders for you help. Please check out the chat page and our sponsor page, we have a new sponsor. We are camping at Willis Knob or War Women in Nov.4,5,6,7. Start thinking about it now. Hope to see you all at the next meeting,

Happy Trails, Esther

October Chat Page

Larry Gilfillan is home doing better, Sue said he is starting to complain so I see he is better. We are thinking of you Larry, with thoughts of GOOD HEALTH!

There is a 4H horse show this weekend at Blairsville. It is a fun event and if you have never been, please try to go. Some of our members are showing their horses.
Starts at 9am on the Saddle club.

FOR SALE: QH gelding 4 yrs old, sorrel with white blaze. Call Joyce Robinson at
(706)897-5965 for more information.

Apartment for rent. Very secluded beautiful wooded basement apartment with deck. A must see! Call Donna Gains at (828) 389-1186

Betty Weir has tree savers for sale: call 389-3819

Hay for Sale $2.50 pick up/$3.00 delivered in Clay Co./$20.00 del. Charge elsewhere. Call Arnold Monkus nights 389-4491 or cell # 838-736-3077

Congrats to Betty on her purchase of a brand new "Blond" Ponderosa horse trailer! Good Luck.

Have you thought of a new president for the club yet??? We need your vote!!

The Christmas Party is Dec.the 8th. Mark you calendars now. We had a great time last year and everyone brought such good food. It will be at the bank, we will start earlier so we can eat and play some games. Please try to attend.

Hope to see you at the meeting, Oct. 13th!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Quick Links To Club Resources and Information

Photos of Standing Indian Ride
Photos of Firescreek Ride
Photos of Tuni Gap Ride
Photos of Fires Creek Cleanup

Club Webpage

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of our Association and our goals are:
A. To provide wholesome enjoyment and entertainment for the club members,
B. To encourage more trail riding and outside activities with horses and entire family,
C.To promote and encourage care of horses and better horsemanship,
D. To encourage and assist in any community projects or improvements,
E. To promote, encourage and assist any junior member in any wholesome, worthwhile activity they may participate in,F. To encourage our community to provide a place to build an arena,

Thursday, September 01, 2005

September 2005 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Great news to tell you. Our yard sale was so good, we had a great turn out and everyone got a treasure to take home. The club earned more then $775.00. We donated the left overs to the thrift shop for the needy.

A BIG thank you to Chip and Lorraine Rainwater and Mt Valley Country Store for letting us set up there and donating so much stuff. It was so nice to be out of the sun and we even got Chip to cook on the BIG GREEN EGG! They were great ribs!! It was a very good day, and we had a great club turn out to help. THANKS TO YOU ALL!

I have given it a great deal of thought as to having this fun show. I can not see how we can put it together this late, we don't have a place to put it on yet. It was talked about having a clinic with some kind of horse trainer or something along those lines, so please bring some ideas to the next meeting.

Our next meeting is Sept. 7th at the bank at 7pm. Our speaker is Theresa Waldroup, with Communities In Schools of Clay County. Theresa helps kids prepare for life, because every child needs and deserves a healthy start and a healthy future. There is a program called R.I.D.E. where they send kids after school to learn about horses and their care. This is a program I think our club might be interested in , so please plan to attendOur next family ride will be the 10th of Sept.

We plan to ride Deep Creek out of Bryson City . We will meet at a rest stop in Andrews that a.m. around 9. We will make futher plans at the meeting. If you miss the meeting you can call me. Mike Crubaugh is our Trail Boss this ride.

Our last family ride was nice, we had 15 riders and we had hot dogs after the ride. Fires Creek trash was picked up and we all had a good ride.Our camp out at Standing Indian was a huge success. It was muddy but we got everyone parked. We had 27 riders. Janet Adams and I became the worriers of the camp out. We worried about everything, and you know what, it all worked out!

Thanks everyone for making it so much fun.

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

September 2005 Chat Page


Larry Gilfillan had open heart surgery this past week. Glad to report that he is doing good. Larry and Sue camped with us at Standing Indian. We can all send him a get well card at 1195 Old Loving Rd. Morganton, Ga. 30560. Get Well and get back in the saddle soon!!!!!!!

Our sadness and love go out to Peggy Giddens, in the loss of her horse Blue. Peggy rode Blue all over the U.S. I'm lucky to say we shared a ride together. Run with the angels Blue! Susan

Martin has a wonderful horse for sale. Please call her if you are looking for a real sweet and gentle horse. 389-1084

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ROSE GOYETTE, Aug. 29th A big 12 years old

Tom and Nikki Bonnett and Patrick send the club a big thank you for all the gifts. Patrick is sure to be a cowboy when he grows up, Grandma Esther will see to it! Thanks again. June Broadnax had a near disaster, her mare was injured and she needed help. The call went out and thank goodness for good friends, J C Rangel came to the rescue and the mare is healing and should recover totally. Thanks J C

Paul and Beverly Stacy have a QH mare for sale. She is a 11 year old sorrel color, 15 hand, 950 lb. With all shots and coggins call them at (706) 632-8907

It was good to see Linda Harrison back in the saddle. She came up to the camp out with her rescue horse Scarlett. She is a beautiful Morgan that Linda rescued. Goes to show you what a little TLC will do Thanks Linda for caring for horses so much!!!

Hope to see you all at the next meeting Sept 8th at 7pm at the bank I think I may have put the wrong date on the newsletter page, It is the 8th, second Thurs. of every month.

We are ordering tee shirt, so get your order in. $16.00 with club logo on back and your name on the front. Color is gray in sizes small to x-lg. These tee shirts run very big. Call me for your order. Esther 389-3434

Camping trip to East Fork is Sept 22-25th. I hear there are more places available. Call 1-800- 97TRAIL.


Sunday, July 31, 2005

August 2005 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I don't know where the summer has gone. We had a good meeting. Had some new people join the club, that is so great!

Our speaker had to go to Florida to help with the hurricane clean up, but will be at our next meeting August 11th. Please try to attend.

We planned to have a yard sale on August the 27th. Let's all collect our saleable items. Horse stuff went real fast last year, so keep that in mind. Also it was suggested to have a silence auction on donated items that were worth more money. The planned place for the sale is Mountain Valley Country Store parking lot. So try to get some donated gifts from local businesses. Lets make this years sale better then last year. We will be looking for helpers!!!
We are looking to do the Fun Show in the month of October. It will be cooler and we are still trying to find a place to have it. We sent Rose Goyette to horse camp this year and I hope you all got to read the article in the paper that Rose wrote. I think she had a good time and learned a few things. They had another week long camp and Rose got to help out a few days. It is great to see our young members so happy to just be around horses. Good job Rose!

Please remember to attend the next meeting:
AUGUST 11th. At the bank at 7 pm, see you there!

Happy Trails, Esther

Friday, July 01, 2005

July 2005 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Here we are again. Lots of things going on this past month. All the local horse shows are getting off to a good start. I was able to get our two young ladies to the show in Blairsville this past weekend. It was the first for Joyanna and Rose has been in a couple. They did very good with such short notice. Both girls won a ribbon. It was a fun day and I'm sure Joyanna's Mom is glad it is over. It is very hard on the parents. The weather had us thinking the show would be cancelled, but it turned out to be a good day. Congratulation to Joyanna and Rose!!

As you all must know the Family ride was off due to rain, rain, rain!

We had a great meeting at Chip's place. We even got free pizza and had a lot of fun with two speakers. The First was from Farnham and he talked about the new line of horse feeds. Then offered all the club members a double coupon off the new feed. We all got this very good feed for $2.99 a bag. What a deal! He was the one that bought the pizza too. The other man was from Resman, Pro-Choice . He gave out free tee shirts and answered all our question, about saddle fitting, where the saddle should set, about bits. Blankets, and many more interesting things. It was a wonderful night, and we all got to have our own private browsing in Chips Store, which if you have not been in there yet you better go see, it is a work of art.

Our next meeting is July 14th at the bank at 7 pm. This is very important for you to come, our speaker is Sally Brown from the Standing Indian Camping area, I'm sorry I don't know the Forest stations name. She will be looking at us to help keep trails and horse camp clean and most important OPEN. So please try to attend, we need to let them know we want those trails left open to the equine riders. Mark your calender now---
JULY 14th 7pm at the bank.