Friday, July 07, 2006

Family Ride Dates






Leatherwood Jeep Trail



Buck Creek to Perry Gap



Standing Indian (Hurricane Loop; possible to tie to Blackwell Loop in this ride)



Standing Indian (Big Indian Loop)



Fires Creek (Phillips Ridge)

Easy- Generally good footing with easy to moderate climbs. Average skill level/ conditioning for horse and rider.

Moderate- Some steep climbs, stream crossings and boggy areas possible. Use caution, riders should be accustomed to trail riding.

Aggressive- Steep and rocky in places with some long climbs. Boggy areas possible with stream crossings. Experienced riders and horses in excellent condition accustomed to rough trails

Please call Darrell Adams 389-6690 or Joe Shook 389-0670 for more information.

All rides will be leaving the parking area at 10 am. You must be ready to go by that time.

July 2006 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Summer is here. Happy 4th of July!! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I hope everyone is planning to attend the next meeting which is July 13th at 7 pm at the bank. We will be forming a committee to plan some kind of a fun event for the club. So please bring your ideas.

It has come to my attention that there was an article in the newspaper that stated the club was sponsoring a kids club. I know we have talked about it since Dec. Lois thought the club had said it was for the 4-H kids. It was a mistake to say the club was a sponsor and there will be a retraction in the newspaper on July 13th.

I want everyone to please come to the meeting so we can talk about the rumors going around. I make mistakes. I have never been a president of anything and need your help to keep things going. I have NEVER intended to do anything but make this club a success.

Please come to me about your questions concerning the club as I am very open to any help. I don't see every view as others do and when shown a different side I can see where I may have done something a better way. So all I ask is come and lets get this out in the open. I don't want people to have hard feelings towards me and I sure don't want to feel that way either.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 2006 "Chat Page"

“ Chat Page”

Have you heard about NAIS and are you ready? The National Animal Identification System is planning to make every horse owner(there is a list of other animals too) register your animal so they can track your moves. It was thought that it would help with monitoring disease control and overseas sales of American grown meat products. Currently the federal program is described as voluntary, but states are implementing their own versions, some of which are mandatory. There is much here that needs to be examined and ultimately decided by the people that will be affected by it-the American public.

Under NAIS, the owner of each animal will be required to report that animal’s movements to the government. This means every time you take your horse off your property you will have 24 hours to file a report as to where and why you moved that horse. A ride across a neighbor’s land, for instance, would require you to file a report of your horse leaving and returning to your land, as well as a report of it entering and leaving the neighbor’s. Vets would also be reliable to report those owners that done have their horse registered. If fully adopted and implemented, the likely outcome of NAIS is that animal ownership increasingly will become limited to large commercial entries that can afford to comply and who are willing to accept the governmental intrusion. There is a Coalition Against Animal ID, their web site is It has lots more information about this and I urge you to look into this.

Linda Harrison lost her doggie “Byron” last week. We can all sympathize with her as we all have lost a dear friend and companion. Our hearts go out to you Linda.

The yard sale is July 15th at Mt Valley Feed Store. It will start at 8:30 and go till 1pm. Please go though your stuff and donate some saleable things. Any helpers who would like to work for an hour or two let me know.

Our next Family ride is July 16th, ( due to the yard sale) at Tuni Gap. If you need directions please call Darrell Adams at 389-6690. Be there at 9:30 to ride out at 10:00.

Our next meeting is July 13th, please plan to attend.

The Trail Trotters Day was a huge success and everyone deserves a Big pat on the back. We are in the running for the best program. It takes the work of all of you to make a difference. Thank you again for all your hard work. We had logged over 300 hours.