Monday, June 02, 2008

June 2008 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, I'm back!!

I hate computers. My new one died and I just got this one up and running. We just missed May, what can I say!

The next meeting is June 8th. I will have the new phone lists ready and you can get it there that night. Also I have the tee shirts, if you want one come to the meeting!
We are still working on a Fun Show, Randall has a committee working on a place.

There has been a lot of rides and camping going on, it would be nice to hear how your trips have been, so if you are coming to the meeting and you took a camping trip, let us know about it.

The next family ride is June10th, Saturday at Buck Bald. You will meet at 11am at Bear Paw Gas station on the 4lane in Murphy. It's across the street from the big flea market.

We are still involved with Fires Creek, I hope you all are reading Sue's emails and Charlie wrote a great letter he sent out. So did Bob and Sharon Goggins. We can't save this wonderful area if we sit back and do nothing. If you don't know what to do, come to the meeting and we'll tell you.

Our St. Jude Ride was so nice. We had 37 riders and the camp ground was packed. Everyone one had a great time and the weather held out for us. I don't know the full amount we got, but it was well over a $1,00.00. What a great club we have!!

Keep Darrell and Janet in your prayers, they have been though so much, the transplant is done and we just wait now to see if it works, we miss them both so much!!

Happy Trails,