Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 2007 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Our next meeting is Nov. 8th. We have new officers for 2008.

Your next president is Randall Parker, Vice President is Susan Martin, Secretary is Tiffany Parker, Treasurer is Donna Gains. Exec. Board Members are Darrell Adams and Charlie Kissling. Please welcome them to their new appointments. I want to thank you all for the three wonderful years I had as president, I love this club and I'm very proud of it and it has been my pleasure to be a part of it. You aren't though with me yet, I'm still doing the newsletter and will be there to help anyone that needs it.

It’s good to have some new faces running the meetings, so give these new officers the support you always gave me. We have decided to appoint a member each month to do the program. So you have the warning ahead to be thinking of one. Come Jan. we will let you know who has what month.

I'm sorry we did not get the Halloween ride together in time. I got no answer from anyone I called. We will have to plan better next year. I got a call from the lady from Andrews Rescue center that they are having a parade on Dec. 15 in Andrews and would like us to attend as a club. I think it starts at 2pm and everyone is to bring can goods to be donated and a toy. They hope to have a lot of horses and clubs come. It would be nice to try it. Lets talk about it at the next meeting.

We will announce where and when the Christmas Party will be and take a list of who wants to bring what.

Hope to see you all at the next meeting!!!!!!!!

Happy Trails,