Monday, August 28, 2006

September 2006 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I'm very excited about our speaker for this month. He is a
mobile vet. from Franklin. He will be talking about wound care.
His name is Dr. Jim Yanchunis. Please invite all your horse
friends to the meeting. It is Sept. 14th at 7 pm at the bank.

Also, we will be having our club picnic over the Labor Day
weekend, at Bristol Horse Camp in Fires Creek. Some will be
camping the weekend but the picnic is Sat. At 5pm at the horse
camp. Everyone should receive an invitation. Please try to come
and spend the day. We will have games to play and some gifts to
give away. If you need anymore information please call me.

I have also sent out an e-mail about the bill in congress right
now to stop the slaughter of horses for human consumption and
other purposes. The Bill is H.R.503; please call your elected
officials, President Bush, Sen. Dole, Sen. Burr, Sen. Taylor, and
let them know how you feel about this. It is up to us to protect
these animals that we all love. They will be gone from history
before we know it, so please act now!

We have had a very unexpected tragic accident that took the
life of Charles Kissling's son Michael. We all send our heart felt
prayers and love in this time of loss. We pray God will see you
through this and want you to know we will be there if you need
us. May God's grace comfort you and your family.

As summer comes to a close, please be very careful of the bee's
There have been too many bad accidents lately from bee's. They
seem very agitated this year!

Happy Trails,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Protesting Horse Murder

From Willie Nelson:

Folks, America has a dirty little secret and it's not that little.

Horses have always been an American symbol of freedom. Their loyal, relentless work is what made this country. They are the living legends of American history. So why is it that we are allowing nearly 100,000 horses to be slaughtered annually in America for human consumption in slaughter houses that are foreign owned? It must be because we didn't know.

Even worse, the treatment of horses going to slaughter is most often inhumane. They suffer injuries in overcrowded trailers, abuse by handlers, and they are often conscious during acts of mutilation and slaughter. It's like stepping on the American Flag.

The passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 503 and S. 1915) would put in place a permanent and immediate ban on both the slaughter of horses in the U.S. and the exportation of live horses for slaughter abroad.

Now that you know, make your voice be heard. Join Jennifer Pryor, The Barbi Twins, Bo Derek, and my family on Capitol Hill Sept. 5th, 2006 to support the bill that will be introduced and voted on Sept. 7th.

Call or write your representatives today, and tell your friends and neighbors to do the same. Please go to

It's time for the cowboys to stand up for the horses.

Sincerely, Willie Nelson

Friday, August 11, 2006

August 2006 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Have a lot to say this month. If you did not get an invitation
to Hurricane Farms for Aug the 12th, this is to inform you that
the club has been invited to a open house. It will be from 1pm to
5pm. If you want to come and need directions please call me or
Randall Parker. Please try to attend, this is a real nice farm and
it should be a great way to meet other horse people.

We did good on our yard sale considering the stuff we had.
The club made $140.00. We were nickle and dime'ng at the end.
We will be having speakers again starting in Sept. so I hope
you check your newsletter to see who we will have.

I hear from our committee on family entertainment, that there
will be a cook out at Bristol Horse camp and a camp over the
weekend of Labor day. The cook out will be Sat. At 5pm and
the riding will be all day. You will get an invitation soon, so
mark your calendars.

Those of you that have not got your St. Jude stuff or Trail
Trotters stuff, I will bring it all to the family club picnic on
Labor Day weekend.

There will be elections for new officers in Oct. So please be
giving it a thought.

I'm looking for people to write a story for the newsletter
every month. It can be about horse care, or a neat ride you went
on, anything will do. It doesn't have to be long, just something
different for our newsletter. Also if you know someone that
would come be a speaker, let me know. I'm sure you all can
think up something.

Stay safe out on the trails and watch out for bee's, Joe's horse
got stung and he was a rodeo rider for awhile. Glad your ok

Happy Trails, Esther