Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 2008 Newsletter

January 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to 2008!

Hello and Happy New Year. I’m not starting off good, I’m already late with this newsletter. Please try to come to the first meeting in 2008, that’s Thurs. Jan. 10th. At the bank. It is our planning meeting for the next year and people will be appointed to do a program each month. I am your first person and will have a good program for you. So be there!

Our Christmas Party was a lot of fun and all had a great time. The Church was a great place to have it. Thanks to our members who worked to decorate and all those that cleaned up.

This is the month that we all pay our dues to the club, so bring your money or send a check to Donna Gains.

Congratulations to Doug and Susan Martin, they are proud owners of a living quarters horse trailer and a new truck to pull it with. May they have many wonderful times camping.

We all thank Bob Harrison for getting our Dec. Newsletter out.

Bob had open heart surgery. He keeps our blog so nice. We all send our best wishes to you Bob for a speedy recovery!

I am looking for more things to put in our newsletter, it would be so neat to have a member each month do a page on anything they want to write. It could be about a ride you went on , or something funny that happened to you, give this a thought and come to the meeting and lets see what we can come up with.

A reminder to all. There are two trailers at Mt Valley Feed Store for sale, one is Darrell new two horse that they are selling. It’s a good deal and you can save money. Also they have their big LQ horse trailer for sale too at a real, real good price. You can save thousands. If you wait too long it may be gone!

It takes us all to make this club work, so I hope we all can plan this next year with everyone‘s input.

Happy Trails, Esther