Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March 2008 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in this newsletter but I lost my computer and now I have a new one that is so different. I will do my best to get this out right away.

Our next meeting is March 13th at the bank. Jenny has invited a man to come and show us some tee shirt ideas, so plan to be there. We start at 7pm.

We are putting out a new phone list, so if you have not paid your dues, please mail Donna your dues or bring to meeting. The phone list is based on members.

I hear everyone that went to Florida had fun. Those that did not go are green with envy.

We are still working on our maps and info for the clubs use, so bring in anything you might think would be of interest.

I do hate to have to say we lost another GREAT horse.

Randall lost Jack to colic, we all share in his sorrow. Our hearts go out to you Randall. Jack will always be alive in our thoughts and hearts.

Spring is near and I’m sure we all are ready!! Time to clean up your tack and do a trailer check. We just had a near accident where the reese trailer hitch came off as the person was pulling into a restaurant, lucky no one was hurt. So check!

Hope to see you on the trails REAL soon!

Happy Trails, Esther

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Extreme Trail Challenge

Go to the following web site for more information and some nifty pictures.

Quoted from

Extreme Trail Challenge - Extreme Trail Challenge

The next Extreme Trail Challenge is scheduled for March 29th and 30th, 2008. The deadline to register is March 19, 2008. Registration fee is $35.00.

We will be holding our first Juvenile Trail Challenge, for riders 18 years of age and under, on June 21, 2008. Registration fee is $20.00.

We have scheduled an Adult Confidence Course for beginner riders or experienced riders on beginner horses immediately following the Juvenile Trail Challenge on June 21, 2008.We will take as many riders as time allows - there is no charge for this course.

You may register for any of the above events on the "Register for Upcoming Events" page.


What is The Extreme Trail Challenge?

The ExtremeTrail Challengeis hosted by Double C Stables in Dawsonville, GA and is a timed race with obstacles designed to not only push horse and rider out of their traditional comfort zone, but also test the communication and horsemanship of each team. The horse/rider combination will navigate a course through natural trails where they will encounter natural terrain changes along with man made obstacles designed to mentally, more than physically, challenge both horse and rider. The Extreme Trail Challenge is held once every two months during the year with the winners competing each November in an invitation onlyfinal Challenge to determine the Extreme Trail Challenge Champion for that year. Invited competitors will include the top five finishers from each challenge for that year and the one person who competed in all of the previous challenges for that year with the best average score/time.


There's much more at the website.