Friday, June 30, 2006

More Horse Murder

Bandera Bulletin: "The wild mustang - free no more

A mustang foal basks in the sunlight at the Wild Horse Foundation in Franklin while his mother, a former wild mustang, grazes nearby. Photo by Jessica Hawley

Once federally protected animal may again be harvested

By Jessica Hawley - Staff Writer

'Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West,' states a congressional declaration dated Dec. 15, 1971.

Yet, in a surprising and highly protested move, Congress recently passed a bill that allows for the slaughter of the American wild mustang reportedly effective Wednesday, Jan. 5.

Republican Senator Conrad Burns of Montana introduced the one-page Rider #142 into the 3,000-page Federal Appropriations Bill HR 4848.

The rider changes the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971, splitting the once federally protected wild horses and burros into two categories, those over 10 years old and those that have been to a minimum of three unsuccessful adoptions. In accordance with the rider's language, the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is authorized to sell these animals to the highest bidder without regard for the buyer's intentions. . ."

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June 2006 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Where did May go! I want to say how sorry I am for the lack
of work that has been done on the club these last few months.
Most of you know I have MS and it has been acting up which
causes me to forget things and makes me very fatigued. Also
I'm a grandma again, my daughter had a baby boy "Adam". It
has been a merry go round since. Kristi got the after baby
depression and I have been with her since. So please hang in
there we will get this club going again with our family rides and
some planned events. Please try to come to our next meeting as
there are issues that need to be addressed. June 8th at the bank.

This weekend is our Trail Trotters Day. Please come and help
clean up Bristol Horse Camp and those that want to can sign a
pole. The new high ties are up and we need to take pictures of
everyone in there tee shirts that will be handed out with a goodie
bag from ELCR. So please plan to come, bring a lunch and
spend a day with good friends for a good cause. There will be
people camping for the weekend so if you are interested let
Darrell Adams know and he can give you all the info. We will
start at 10 a.m. on Sat. June 3rd.

Those of you that know my little dog Dinkie, I wanted to let
you know he is up with all those wonderful pets we have been
blessed to have. He was 14 yrs old and had a stroke. It was hard
to let him go.

Please try to make our meeting on June 8th and help get this
club back to running.


Happy Trails, Esther

June 2006 "Chat Page"

FOR SALE: new camp stove, never used /in box, new, never used porta pottie, two tents, camper/van-all self contained has everything! Call Sue at (706)374-7605.
Congratulations to Wendy Spiva; her mare "Lacy" gave birth to a beautiful filly!
Donna Gains has a over the truck camper/loaded and ready to go for sale. Call her at (828) 389-1186
June the 10th is the next horse show at Union County Horse Club, if you have never been to their show it is a fun event. Sign up is 11am and the show starts at noon.
We had a few members at the last show in Blairsville. Pat Maddox placed with Folly in a few events. Sharon Goggins had Jude in a couple events and she got a ribbon, Donna Gains took her Gelding for his first show and did real good with him, it was his first after getting back from the trainer. He is 2 yrs. old. Betty Weir was kind to work the concession stand, which was very busy. Good job girls!!
I am still looking for help with fencing for Rose to keep Sammy closer to her. We as a club have voted to sponsor her and help where we can, so after talking to a CPA, we can offer a tax receipt from our club to anyone that wants to donate stuff to get this donated land fenced. We do have a tax number and as a non profit club we can work with up to $5,000.00 before we would have to pay taxes. I hope this has explained this as some people thought what we offered was not right. Feel free to call me if you have any more questions about this as I am not a lawyer but have talked with one about this matter.
I hope everyone can make the meeting June 10th, it has come to my attention that it may be better to mail the newsletters every month as people don=t always check their e-mail. We need to talk about this, I don=t want the club to suffer because people did not know about rides and events.